Summer of Sweaters

I don't know what happened to me this summer, but I have become sweater obsessed.

There are a lot of reasons this could have happened.  

1) I went to Into the Wool.  Which just happened to be at a time Tennessee went arctic.  In May.  I was already well on my way to sweater insanity, but was starting the natural progression to warmer weather items.  Then suddenly I find myself in 40-50 degree weather huddled together with dozens of other women all sporting absolutely stunning knitwear.  

2) Stash Dash.  I got very competitive with this one, not so much with other people but with myself.  I pulled two cardigans out of hibernation and finished them with great enthusiasm.  The only problem is that it is way too hot to wear these.

3) I went on a yarn diet.  No buying anything during the months of June and July.  And what better way to feel a sense of achievement than to knit up some sweater quantities?  Though this also backfired because now I'm only buying yarn in sweater lots and feel a false sense of success.

So here I am, sweating even in the air conditioning, and all I can do is knit garments I can't even wear.  Let's pretend I am planning in advance, shall we?  First up, the WIPs.

I finished the Rosemary Cardigan ten days short of a year after I cast it on.  It's knit out of this lovely heathery green Cascade 220 with yellow undertones.  This was my first saddle shoulder, which I actually enjoyed as a way to keep an even patterning all the way up the sleeve.  The pattern itself is a simple stockinette sweater with a zigzag pattern up the outside of the sleeve.  It also features a zigzag pocket, but I left those off for a cleaner look.  It's simple, it's cozy, and it highlights the really cute llama buttons found, which is just what I wanted.

Ginny's Cardigan was a bit more complicated to finish because I had run out of yarn.  I knit it in Unwind Company Touring DK in the Warm Cider colorway which I picked up at SAFF 2013.  Luckily for me, Dana is a genius and managed to matc the color almost perfectly.  I never quite managed to memorize the owl chart, but the construction was fairly straightforward so it fit in quite nicely.  Combine that with what might be my new favorite yarn and it was a winning knitting combination.

Knitalongs have also become a thing for me, which is why I knit Cafe Au Lait.


I spent a month convincing myself not to participate in the Stockinette Zombies fingering weight KAL.  And then I finished Ginny's Cardigan and lost my will to resist.  This was a lot of Knit Picks Stroll Solid in Rainforest Heather, purchased in one of the many Knit Picks sales.  I became quickly addicted to the cables and knit it within a month.  A month!  A lot of tv marathoning went into this one, including an entire day spent watching the first season of Witches of Eastwick (the perfect brainless TV series).  The pattern was very intuitive once I got going, and I loved the way that all the shaping is done by the blocking, rather than any increasing or decreasing.  The original pattern is written to be oversized, but I did not block mine nearly as aggressively to get a more form-fitting look, making for a great transitional garment.

I have another KAL sweater ready go, plus two on the needles, but more on that later.  Three is enough for one day, right?