Christmas FOs

Happy Christmas!

I hope you are all having a wonderfully fun day doing whatever it is you enjoy doing. Me? I'll be hanging out in my pjs, watching tv and knitting my heart out. Because it is now officially selfish knitting season!

We did family Christmas on Monday, complete with six knitted stockings.

I finished the final one on the drive to my parents' house, in the dark, with the dog climbing over my shoulder. It was quite exciting, let me tell you. But in all the excitement I failed to get any FO photos. Maybe next year.

I did manage to hold myself to only one handknit gift this year -- bootcuffs for my sister. She just bought several pairs of boots and is a wee bit obsessed with wearing them as much as possible.

These are the Horizon Cuffs from Jenise Reid's Bootcuffed ebook knit out of Cascade 220 Superwash in Feather Grey. Did I mention that my sister is a bit into ecru lately?

I was amazed at how quickly these knit up. I finished the first one in an afternoon and knit the second as a distraction when the colorwork of the stockings started driving me batty. And I was glad to finally have an excuse to buy the ebook. You can look for more bootcuff FOs from me soon!