Family Time

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate

and Happy Thursday to those who do not! We are enjoying the rare opportunity to spend the holiday at my parents' house with both of my siblings. (Rare, because we usually spend Thanksgiving with Chris' family, owing to the fact that we both work Black Friday) On the list of things I am thankful for, the frequency with which I have gotten to spend time with my family is definitely towards the top. In fact, the siblings and I were all just home over the weekend to go to a concert together.

Anberlin is finishing up their final tour, and has sparked a lot of nostalgia as their shows draw to a close. The band formed in 2002 and was a favorite of mine in high school. By the time I was in college I was completely obsessed, a fact well remembered by many of my dorm-mates with they came to our little university in 2008. I was front and center while they played what I considered to be "my" music, a little offended to find that I was not the only true fan in the crowd. By this time my sister was in high school and also obsessed. Flash forward a few more years and they became my brother's favorite band while he was in high school. So when the chance came to see them live, together, on their final tour, we could not pass it up.

In some ways I am sad we did not get to meet the band and tell them how much they have meant to us as a family. But in many ways I'm glad we didn't. As my brother put it, better not to meet your heroes. This way my memory of the show can stay centered on the three of us. Jumping together in time to Paperthin Hymn. Swaying to Last Goodbye. Screaming the lyrics to Never Take Friendship Personal. It was an amazing show, and the perfect sendoff after 12 years of quality work, but it truly is the company that makes something like this so special. 

For all those times we have fought and thought life would be better as an only child, I cannot imagine a world without my siblings. And despite the insanity that seems to constantly grip our world, there is so much for which to be thankful. So this year, when we all go around the table to say what we're thankful for, I'll go the sappy route and choose this. Because not everyone is blessed enough to have family with good taste in music.

Anberlin Family.jpg