Something of a Magpie

Not much has changed on the Flax since last we spoke.

It still has half a sleeve and it is taking forever. I have reached that point where I stop caring about what I am currently knitting and start obsessing over my next project. Fortunately I have a new book to help me out with that.

I've been a big fan of Cirilia Rose's designs for quite some time, so when I found out she was writing a book I was super excited. Her style is the kind of look that I aspire to. A little classic, a little quirky, and all very well put together. I never thought I would have a desire to try my hand at slippers again, but the Heima Slippers are just singing to me. Most of the garments are items that I could see myself wearing. While at the Frolic I got to shop The Copper Corgi and picked up a sweater set of her Jones Street DK to make the Framboise Cardigan.  My aunt dyes silk scarves and I think they'd be perfect with this pattern. And I swear the yarn is way more purple than it looks in this picture.

But my favorite part of the book isn't actually the patterns, but rather the essays that go with each section. Cirilia explains her theories on color, packing for travel, and keeping your wardrobe fresh without buying all new clothes every season. I love that she gives advice from the point of view of a stylist, as it is outside my realm of experience. I may not have a use for a raven shaped purse, but now I can totally see the appeal (I still probably won't make that one).

So you can see why there is little progress on the sweater. How an I focus when there is so much inspiration around?