KAL Me Crazy

I don't know what it is about KALs (Knit A-Longs), but lately it seems that I am powerless to resist.

It's not like I even really participate in any chatter that accompanies said KAL, I just like to knit my item and feel like I was a part of the fun. Sometimes this means that I knock out items really fast. Other times I end up casting on so much that I have to force myself to focus and knit back down to one or two active WIPs. This has been one of those scattered months and it took me a while to focus and finish up what few things I had on the needles.

First up are my Simple Skyp Socks, knit out of Kirby Wirby's Fru Fighters colorway. As you can see it is a variegated yarn but came out nicely striped.

I will be submitting this for two KALs (so far). It was of course knit with the intention of being a Socktober entry for the Carolina Fiber Girls, but it is also going to be my Sknit-A-Long project. The idea of the Sknit-A-Long (for the In A Sknit Podcast) is to knit something that is the same but different, either within one's own project or in relation to someone else's. A few weeks ago I met up with friends in Greensboro for a fun knitting afternoon. While I was there Ann (from Carolina Fiber Girls) pulled out her Simple Skyp Socks, also knit in the Fru Fighter's colorway. The difference? Her's is in the sparkle base while mine is not.

These socks were a really fun knit. The stitch pattern was that perfect blend of interest and repetition that made for perfect bus socks. I already have plans to knit more in some of my more variegated sock yarn.

I also participated in Alex Tinsley's Sweet Tooth KAL. This was a progressive e-book with staggered pattern releases. I had originally planned to knit all four, but only made it through the first -- Dragee

This was one of those instantly cast-on projects. I love knit hats, and Alex is my go-to for patterns. I even had the perfect yarn for this one, the only club shipment I have ever purchased from Three Irish Girls. The yarn was originally designated for boot cuffs, but I bought it for the Little Woman colorway. I knit the body in the variegated, Meg, and the pompom out of the small coordinate, Amy.

Looking at these pictures, I think my pompom making could use some work. I hear the key is trimming the ends, but my good scissors were used for something other than crafting by someone other than me. So it could be a while till I can get this properly shaped.

And lest you think this is the end of my KALing, fear not. I still have my New Girl skirt for the Sweatshop of Love KAL on the needles.

Miles and miles of stockinette. Miles and miles and miles.