Hey, I Made Yarn

I'm sorry I disappeared last week. My parents' home was invaded by my aunts

over the same two days I was visiting. This resulted in a lot of fun and absolutely no sleep, but I did get some crafting done, including finally finishing my failed Tour de Fleece project.

Back in May I took a drop spindling class at Into the Wool. I had tried to learn on my own and had just had no luck, so I signed up for the mini workshop taught by Malia. After that weekend I was hooked. I spun a lot on the samples she gave us and for my first Tour I broke out the one braid of fiber I had acquired during my previous attempts (Unwind Yarn Company BFL in the colorway Morning Sky). Things went well for a while, but then I had an accident. Not a metaphorical spinning injury, but an actual accident in my home that required me to immobilize my left knee for two weeks. This would not have been that big of a deal if I was not still using the park and draft method, using my knees to hold the spindle when I was not adding twist. So I put it away.

A few weeks ago I pulled my spindle back out and decided to try again. I was still park and drafting, but my spin was becoming much more consistent. It was a much more satisfying spin, if requiring more time, so I took it home with me to show off to my crafty aunts. I've decided that this is what I need every time I learn a new skill -- people who can appreciate the value of it but who don't have a lot of first hand experience. They can marvel at your beginning attempts without making you feel like a beginner because they have never tried it.

The end result? A very thick and thin BFL two ply.

I have no idea what the yardage is. I actually lost quite a bit because some of my earlier singles were so energized that they created a giant snarl. But I did spin four ounces and for that I am proud. I don't know if I will knit with this any time soon. I'm too busy petting it and reminding Chris that "Hey, I made yarn." Maybe after I finish my next spin. It is going quite nicely.