Triangle Yarn Crawl, Autumn 2014

Friday was my birthday, and as is my right, I decided to make an entire weekend out of it.

On Friday I went to work and then out to dinner with some friends. And then Saturday rolled around and it just happened to be day one of the Triangle Yarn Crawl. Because it was my birthday weekend I had already planned to extend it by a few days and go visit my parents, which required that I leave on Sunday. This meant that if I wanted to do the crawl, I only had one day. I enlisted my sister as copilot and together we set out to hit every yarn shop between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

The amount of time that we had was dictated by our route. We knew we wanted to start with Admit Ewe Knit, which is very close to me and is where the launch party would happen. After that we were on a clock because our planned route ended in Mebane at The Twisted Knitter, which closes at 4 on Saturdays. When we mentioned at the launch that we planned to hit all nine in a day we got a lot of skeptical looks, which of course only made us more determined.

We knocked out the Raleigh shops in just over an hour, giving us a false sense of confidence born of familiarity and geography. Raleigh is blessed to have several shops very close together and I already knew where they were and what they carried. But then we had to start moving beyond our geographic knowledge. The lovely Downtown Knits in Apex was almost our downfall because we enjoyed it so much. Not only do they carry a lovely selection of yarn, but they are a tea shop and have just added a fabric section and will be launching some sewing classes very soon (I may have inquired specifically about those). 

The stores started to be farther and farther apart, but we continued on our way, even managing to find a parking spot just outside Cozy in downtown Durham. For those who do not live in our area it is important to remember, there was a lot of ground to cover. Despite popular belief, Durham and Raleigh are two very distinctly different cities and it takes about half an hour to get from one to the other. And then add in several other cities and towns and we spent a large chunk of time in the car.

When we finally walked in to The Twisted Knitter at 3:30, making our trek last a full six hours, we were exhausted and relieved. Luckily, the nice women who work there greeted us with great enthusiasm, stamped our passports one final time, and took our picture. It was a proud moment of delirium.

Despite plans to just run in and get our passports stamped, we managed to buy something at every store we visited. I will go into detail as I use things, but here is the rundown between the two of us:

  • 2 magazines
  • 1 pattern book
  • 1 card
  • 1 set of needles
  • 10 fat quarters
  • 1 tape measure
  • 1 set of reading glasses
  • 9 skeins of yarn

We also entered the grand prize raffle and 1-2 smaller raffles at each shop. Between the two of us that is over twenty entries, so we probably won't win anything.

I hope to try to do the crawl again sometime. Maybe with more people and definitely not all in one day. That kind of insanity is reserved for sisters only.