So I reorganized my stash the other day.

You know that any story that starts this way is going to be scary. It'll involve a knitter, and lots of wool they love, and misplaced guilt. And you would be right. My "crafting area" is a corner of our bedroom, and has gotten seriously out of control. So what started as a quick tidy then turned into a full blown airing of the stash. I ended up pulling my sweaters out of the cube unit I use for my clothes and converting the space into stash storage. Which is when I discovered that I have this.

That whole cube is sock yarn. Yes, not a lot for some people, but a lot for me. Don't get me wrong, I know I am blessed to have a good stash. I do not want to go on a yarn diet or feel guilty for having what I do. I often refer to my stash as my yarn savings account, which Chris appreciates because it means that if we find ourselves having to scale back I won't go crazy from lack of knitting. But it is my birthday month and I want to feel free to responsibly buy more yarn. The only solution? Knit socks (or shawls, or hats, but it's Socktober so go with me on this).

First up is a pair of Simple Skyp socks in my Fru Fighters from Kirbywirby. If you have not heard, one of our community's beloved podcasters, Fru of the Sassy Pants Knitter podcast, has been diagnosed with Hairy Cell Lukemia. She's started chemo, but circumstances have caused her to lose her health insurance, so a lot of people have started raising money to help with the bills. In addition to Kirbywirby, Highland Handmades has a special colorway, and Dana from Unwind Yarn Company is donating a percentage of all sales from her big October 7 update. Plus there are tons of designers who are donating percentages as well. You can find a lot of them on Instagram tagged with #everystitcheveryprayerforfru.

So despite my sweater obsession, you guys know I can't resist a KAL, especially one that multiple people are hosting. Let's knit socks! Do you have any Socktober plans?