Waterfalls and Gratitude

I love that today's Love Your Blog topic is "Gratitude"

because I have so much for which to be grateful. Especially when it comes to this blog and you, fellow bloggers and blog readers.

I was mulling all of this over yesterday morning when my sister announced that we were going for a hike (we were visiting my parents, where they have actual mountains, not just large inclines). I didn't think too much of it until she said we were hiking to a waterfall. I don't know how many waterfalls you've hiked to, but where we grew up waterfall hikes generally involve fording a stream or two. I had not even finished my first cup of coffee, so the idea of traipsing around in knee deep water and probably falling down a rock or two made me nauseous.

But then I thought of you, dear readers, and the gorgeous pictures I could take if I survived the trip. Western North Carolina is gorgeous this time of year, and nothing makes me feel quite as grateful. So off I went. I managed not to fall once, and we did end up knee deep in the river more than once, but it was totally worth it.

I am an introvert. Left to my own devices I keep to myself. I'm not a hermit, but until I finished school I got almost all of my human interaction from the other students in my program. Then I graduated and found that I really did not have anyone outside my family. I could have really floundered and lost myself, but I had you guys to keep me company. And the need to keep generating interesting content has pushed me to do things that I might have otherwise found excuses to avoid. Like scale a waterfall, check out a World Wide Knit in Public Day, or sign up for a knitting retreat where I don't know anyone.

This current incarnation of Faithfully Geeky may still be less than a year old, but our blogging community has had a presence in my world for many more. I like to think I have grown a lot since I began, and the interaction with you, the community, has been a large part of that. So thank you. I'm so grateful that you continue to stop by.

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Haphazard Beginnings

I had a really hard time writing about today's Love Your Blog topic

Actually, as I am writing this I am still having a hard time. I've been blogging for six years, but I did not consider myself a capital B blogger until I started using my new site last year. And as I already talked about how I started knitting, that seemed a redundant and lackluster topic. But then a piece of advice came back to me -- remember your audience. So, since the target audience for this series is other bloggers, I decided to write about my creative process. Where does a blog post truly begin?

If you've read this blog much at all you will know that all of the content is generated from my every day life. I try to keep it as knitting focused as possible because that is who I am writing for. If you stumble across this space and you don't care for crafting or knitting or the occasional foray into my kitchen, you probably won't stick around. And that's ok. I call this space Faithfully Geeky because I am a geek, but also because I geek out about a lot of things, not just comic books or television. I think crafting is inherently geeky, with varying levels depending on how technical or plugged in you wish to be.

When I write, I try to start with the image that will hopefully draw the reader into the post. I used to think that if my words were interesting enough then my random cell phone photography would be fine. That worked for a time, but as I have grown as a blogger I've become more invested in the look of the post. I, theoretically, plan out posts a week in advance so that I can work on what the best image and lighting will be. And then I write.

I'm old school when it comes to my writing. Occasionally I will just sit at the computer and start writing, but usually I do some sort of pre-writing (my inner professor is coming out here) a day or two in advance. I carry a notebook around with me and when the mood strikes I try to get everything down before I lose it. Sometimes it is just a title or a doodle, usually I have a paragraph or two kicking around at a time. If I'm lucky, I'll get a whole post out, but usually I try for a page at the most.

Not everything anyone writes is perfect. There is always a lot of crap to wade through to find the good stuff. But I like to think that this process is pulling more good stuff out than bad, and keeping myself to a schedule has made a world of difference.

I would love to hear about your creative process. Let me know in the comments below!

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Something Different

Greetings! From the beach!

That's right, it's Easter weekend, which means it's my family's yearly beach trip to celebrate my mom's birthday. But why am I telling you this. To make you jealous?

Well yes. But no. You see, I'm having trouble with the mobile app for Squarespace. And I have a notoriously difficult time writing on my phone, so I'm not that inclined to trouble shoot it. This means that any posts I write have to be scheduled ahead of time, and then how do I keep you current? You could stop by my Instagram, but that might get more personal than you'd like. And I could start a Ravelry group, but I have really bad participation in the groups I'm already in. So to this end I decided to try something new. Faithfully Geeky now has a facebook page. Check it out if you'd like. Or don't. But I'd love to be able to interact with you outside the comment page. If you're up for it.

I promise. Monday we'll be back to normal. Which means once more bemoaning the fact I'm still working on Mary Mead. Have a good weekend!