It's always fun to see what captures my son's interest.

Boxes of tea, shoes, the Law and Order: SVU theme song. It's not always predictive and it might not be the same from day to day. Lately he has been really into bubbles.

Pasha first encountered bubbles at the library, which finishes out baby story time with touchable bubbles that the more mobile kids can "catch" by crawling around the area. As he has become more adventurous these bubbles have become more and more exciting for him.

I mentioned this on Facebook and so when my mother-in-law came to visit this weekend she brought a small bubble machine with her. Oh boy but did we have fun.

The thing about bubbles as opposed to a lot of the other things Pasha has obsessed over (a book that plays "Frosty the Snowman" when you press the button) is that they are a lot of fun for all of us. It gives us an excuse to all go outside and play together. The weather has turned for the warmer and everyone has started to come out of their homes to soak it up before the crush of summer is upon us. We've never lived in a neighborhood, but it seems sending bubbles floating into the neighbors' backyard is an easy way to spark conversation and establish friendships.

Plus they're just so pretty!

What little things are bringing you joy this Monday?

Bake Off

I'm sure I'm the last person in the world

to talk about how much they enjoy The Great British Bake-Off (Baking Show here in the States).

I came rather late to the game because I am not a huge fan of cooking shows. Usually I find a cooking show personality and then follow them back to their blog or books, and I've really never been one for competition cooking. But after I had Pasha I found myself in need of something to watch at 3am that was more soothing than plot driven and Bake Off filled the void.

I devoured what was easily available at the time, one season on Netflix and one season that aired on PBS. But then that was it, and we moved, and I put Bake Off out of my mind. And as if the Netflix gods heard my cry as Pasha and I neared the end of our sixth season of SVU (because we still needed television that did not require rapt attention), two more seasons of Bake Off appeared. 

Chris will claim that he does not really like the show (because he can't stand Paul Hollywood), but over the weekend he watched several episodes of the second season with me. I'm trying to pace myself through the two "new" seasons because I know it is very likely future seasons will be more like American-style shows, but it is hard to hold myself back. I am suddenly gripped by an intense need to make a trifle, and I realized that my plans to repaint our kitchen is essentially an attempt to turn it into the tent. I am hopelessly addicted.

It seems I have completely abandoned prestige television, at least for now. The only currenet show I am keeping up with is Big Little Lies (OMG, if anyone wants to talk about that one let me know. I have so many feelings). I just don't seem to have the brain space to watch anything that requires I keep information in my brain. But Bake Off is like a comforting loaf of bread, which feels decadent but is surprisingly hearty. And it is seriously making my Monday.

Baby Selfies

I'm sure I'm not the only parent of the smart phone era to discover the wonders of the baby selfie.

At first I was just using the front-facing camera on my phone to distract Pasha when he was tired of sitting for a while. He started hitting the front of the camera and laughing at himself which resulted in some pretty adorable photos. 

Then he started figuring out how to open the camera app (if you don't have a Samsung, you can open the camera from the lock screen without unlocking the phone). And that has resulted in all sorts of mayhem.

It really is keeping him entertained.

Of course now that he has started to pop some teeth he is doing more chewing than photographing, but it is a fun record of our life together. And yields some surprisingly insightful images.

I call this imitation of a blogger. Get ready. He's going to be the next internet sensation.

Settling In

I'm sure you've heard, but it is unseasonably warm here in the Southeast United States.

Mid-February is usually when I can count on major cold weather to hit us. Since moving to this part of North Carolina I have been snowed in more than once around Valentine's Day, so the fact that we've had multiple days above 65 degrees is just mind boggling. Normally it bothers me when we start to lose our cold weather. It means that summer is impending and our summers are long and largely miserable. But this year I find myself welcoming spring.

It could be that I am responding to the fact that we have been sick for what feels like ages (really it was only a few days but man). Pasha is cutting several teeth at once and Chris and I succumbed to some variety of stomach bug that laid us out hard. But yesterday as we were starting to feel like moving again the world was so beautiful that we just had to venture outside.

We've been in this house for two months and I think it is just starting to hit us that we don't live in a sketchy apartment block anymore. Don't get me wrong, our last apartment was exactly what we needed when we needed it and I felt generally safe in our neighborhood, but we did not hang out outside. Our neighbors were all smokers so anytime it was nice enough to use the porch we would be overwhelmed by second-hand smoke. And it was not possible to go sit out on the lawn or take a leisurely walk because we were right off several major roads. But now . . .

We are completely smitten with the luxury of being outdoors. We have screens in the living room/play room and Pasha loves to look out windows. We have birds (we never saw song birds), gorgeous trees, and dappled sunlight. I'm actually writing this to you from the deck where Helo and I are spending some much needed bonding time. So if you'll excuse me I have a puppy to cuddle and a sock to work on.

How are your days lately? I hope they have been just as inviting!