The Ultimate Kid Holiday

Happy November!

Is it cold where you are? Because it is cold here! It was like October ended and took any hint of warm with it. But before we hit November we had Halloween!

Working with kids means that every year we invest a lot of time and effort into Halloween festivities. It is the ultimate kid holiday. And it means that workplace costumes are highly encouraged. This year I actually decided what to do a week in advance and so managed to pull something together with which I was quite pleased.


The dress is clearance H&M in a size much too large so that it was long and drapey, and the sweater is the Lightening Shrug which I knit a few years ago out of Knitting Notions Classic Merino Sport. I bought little Pascal at the Disney Store and sewed him onto my shoulder for help with costume recognition. But the part that I am most proud of is the tiara, which I made based on this tutorial.

The original tutorial calls for a lot of very specific stones, but I did not want to invest that much time and money in the shopping part, so I modified it a bit. I used gold glitter card stock because I decided not to do all of the cutouts that are in the actual tiara. I also used a rhinestone tulle ribbon for all of the pink stones, rather than purchasing 100+ individual pieces.

It took me a few days to get it all done, but overall I am very pleased with the result. Even adults who had no idea who I was were impressed by the amount of work that went into it. And the kids knew who I was, which is the whole point, right?