Wishing for Autumn

We have come to that part of the year when I desperately wish for Fall weather.

There was a glimpse of it after Hurricane Matthew passed, but we've gone back to our late summer weather and oh my gosh I'm so tired of it. It's been "cool" in the mornings and evenings, but the heat of the day has definitely still been hot. Like crank up the AC and let the baby chill in just his diaper wish I didn't have to wear pants hot.

So of course my response to this is to bring in all of the trappings of fall even if the leaves have yet to change color. I'm sweater knitting of course

Brighton Pullover in Quince & Co Chickadee, Nome Knitter progress marker

Brighton Pullover in Quince & Co Chickadee, Nome Knitter progress marker

And I've painted my nails a lovely fall green.

I've even made an attempt at fall decor

Then there is the big shift that comes every season -- I've become obsessed with soup.

I always love to make soup during this time of year. This year I'm at home so I really feel the pressure to make delicious food from scratch even though I am wrestling a five-month-old and my husband really prefers to cook dinner because it helps him relax (I know, right?). But I still have lunches to eat and heaps of mom guilt to assuage so I decided to hit the books and try a new seasonal soup.

You may not have heard of Vivian Howard, but if you enjoy home-cooking you should really check her out. My mom got me hooked on her tv show, which is filmed in Eastern NC, so when I found out she was coming to my local indie book store I knew we had to go. I pre-ordered the cookbook with the idea that I would give it to my mom, but I completely fell in love with it. It is part memoir and part cookbook, full of gorgeous photography and recipes that are sourced from ingredients found in my local environment.

In honor of the season I decided to tackle the apple chapter and made Apple Lentil Soup with Bacon (here's a truncated online version minus the story and photos). It took me two days to chop the ingredients because Pasha has rebelled against his afternoon nap, but the actual recipe was pretty easy and the result was absolutely delicious.

I can only imagine that it tastes even better with the prescribed buttermilk.

Are things more autumnal where you are? How are you gearing up for the season? And if you are on the other side of the world, what were your favorite dishes from the recent cold weather?

A Week Off

Last week was pretty crazy.

It started with Hurricane Matthew pummeling our area far worse than we expected (we were fortunate not to lose power or water but many others lost so much more) and ended with a mini beach vacation for Pasha and I. Oh, and somewhere in there I had a birthday. With all the excitement I decided to spend my time focused on being a mom and let all of my other commitments go for a little while. And you know what? It was good for me. Even though I am a stay at home mom I sometimes feel like I lose my time with my son because I am so busy with all the other parts of my day. Going out of town meant no writing or housework or anything else on which I feel obligated to spend my time.

Our beach trip came about because my mom was on Fall Break so she and my dad decided to get out of town for the week. We tagged along for Pasha's first trip to the ocean.

While we were there I finally got a picture of us in our matching sweater and shawl. To recap this is Flax Light and Waiting for Rain in Fable Fibers Novel, Carolina Beach. Technically these pictures were at Kure Beach, but it's the same island and we did not have to pay for parking.

The ocean was the most active I have ever seen. We have driven to the coast in a Category 1 hurricane before, but I've never seen the tide come in this far. At low tide on Friday, a week after the storm had passed, the ocean was still above its normal high tide. I have had nightmares about dropping Pasha and losing him in the waves, but I think my shock at how close the water was overwhelmed my nerves, making it easier for me to dip his little feet in the salt water.

Pasha himself seemed very underwhelmed by the whole thing. We video called Chris (thank you Google Duo) so that he could see the crucial moment, but there was really nothing to see. Pasha just looked at me like "That's it, Mom?" and then a big wave came and took out the little bit of sand we had to stand on. I remember being very unfazed by the ocean as a kid. I loved swimming and had not developed all of the anxiety I now have about deep murky water. I hope Pasha has the same love of water, though selfishly I rather hope he does not so I don't have to worry about him.

Then again, maybe it is a good thing I have other commitments throughout my day. Less time to spend passing my neurosis on to the next generation.

Please, Luke. Please, please, please

Today's post is not going to be what I planned.

Yesterday I had this great plan all laid out that I would tell you all about my love of Gilmore Girls by talking about today's Luke's Diner popups that are taking over coffee shops across the country. I and a few like-minded friends decided to hit up the one central to us and have knitting at Luke's.

I'll do anything if I get to wear an outfit!

I'll do anything if I get to wear an outfit!

I of course dressed accordingly (you can find this tshirt here).

Now we were prepared for it to be busy because this is a very nice and trendy coffee shop to begin with. We were even prepared for them to be out of free coffee by the time we arrived at 9am. What we did not expect is that two hours after opening the line would still be across the parking lot and that they would run out of the 500 commemorative Luke's cups.

I'm confident enough in my Gilmore Girls obsession that I don't need the Instagram picture of me with a Luke's cup, but man did I want it. It's one of those weird dichotomies of fandom -- loving something so much that you want to share it with everyone yet feeling resentful when it gets so popular. I still have all of the seasons on dvd, painstakingly saved for as each was released, and very specific episodes that I watch on specific days. People used to think I was weird for having a specific episode that I watch when I have to pack for a move (Concertus Interruptus), but I hardly got any looks when I had a pre-labor marathon of all relevant episodes.

Maybe it is because I am in a new demographic. When I watched Gilmore Girls the first time (and bought all the seasons on dvd and made posters out of magazine photos) I was a Rory through and through. Right down to the Russian literature obsession (my mom still has a theory that I studied Soviet history in part because of Rory). In the intervening years I've grown up and started my own family. Life has not gone the way I planned (for which I'm grateful) and now I find myself more of a Lorelei. So do a lot of women my age. And now thanks to Netflix we don't have to loan out our worn out dvd collection to get all of our other friends addicted. It's wonderful. I'm so happy to have all these new Gilmore fans in the world. It's just such a weird feeling when something you've loved for so long is cool.

Find this awesome tshirt here

Find this awesome tshirt here

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to console myself with some coffee and my favorite season. Copper Boom!

Outfitted on Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed

I have become addicted to the new stories feature.

Typically I use it to post the silly things that Pasha and I do during our day. I don't want to clog up anyone's regular feed with a million pictures of my kid because I remember a time when babies made me cringe and I don't want to alienate anyone. So I take our shenanigans to a slightly different space.

Because October is my birthday month I decided to do something a little different -- you guys know how much I love to set challenges for myself. I was inspired by Kat Riddell's #katwearsclothes series to do an Outfit of the Day story for the entire month.

I'm still struggling to accept my new mom body. I recently purged a large portion of my wardrobe because even if I did get my act together, work out a ton, and manage to pull a Heidi Klum I would still go two years with these clothes sitting unloved in my closet. So this is a personal challenge to see how many outfits I can pull together and what sorts of pieces I gravitate towards. I'm not setting the goal to make each outfit unique, but I'll be trying hard not to repeat too many specific combinations.

Of course there will still be baby selfies. I'm not completely self-absorbed!

September Pattern Roundup

Did you know tomorrow is October?

You may not have realized with all things pumpkin making their presence known weeks ago, but September is finally making way for the best month of the year (ok so I'm probably a little biased). But before we let it go we should look back at all the awesome knitting this month has given us.


Take Five by Annamária Ötvös

There's nothing quite like a striped fingering weight garment. Except maybe a striped fingering weight Henley. I love everything about this, from the neckline to the way the stripes continue down the sleeves. Expect this to float at the top of my queue for a while as I hunt for the perfect yarn.


Finn by Kat Riddell

You might have already seen Finn crop up in your pattern highlights on Ravelry, and for good reason. This all over lace cardigan is perfect for transitional weather and on a personal note I can see myself wearing it over nursing tanks this Fall. Guess I should get knitting.


Winter Sunset by Gabrielle Danskknit

This is just one of several kids patterns that Gabrielle Danskknit published this month. I love the simplicity of it for all ages and genders. And the use of buttons on both sides gives it a flexibility that is very appealing.


Sweet Pie Socks by Jessica Gore

At first glance these appear to be basic textured socks. But look closer. Are those lateral braids? On socks? Be still my heart!


Diamonds in the Rough by Maggie Murphy

I promise I did not pick this just because of the color choice, which is stunning. This checks so many more boxes. It is knit in Quince and Co Chickadee, it is simple garter with a bit of interest, and it is easily wearable, making it a great option if you're starting on some gift knitting.


Pandamonium by Karin Michele

It's a colorwork hat. Covered in Pandas. Can I really say more?

Other Accessory

Bird Leg Warmers by Munro Sisters3

It is no secret that I love legwarmers, so I was super excited to see these come across my search this month. The pattern is designed for Aran weight yarn so even though it is a charted colorwork pattern it won't take five months to knit up.

So these are what I'm loving this month. What patterns did you find that I may have missed?