Or maybe we can call this Socktober pre-loading?

Even though I just went through and frogged a bunch of WIPs that were no longer speaking to me, I have started casting on again. Currently I have been adding to my pile of unfinished sock WIPs, which I can only think is a reaction to the stress I am feeling about Chris' sweater. It's not that I think I'm screwing it up, but a screw up seems inevitable. It's his first knit garment and the first one I have knit for another adult. So I am channeling that nervousness into socks.

I'm not even knitting socks for other people, even though I have a few on this year's gift list (someone posted how many days there are till Christmas on Facebook and I almost had a panic attack right here in the living room). The Jelly Roll socks have been making the rounds lately, but they did not catch my eye until I saw Katie's over on Inside Number 23. For future reference I think I just want to copy everything she knits/makes.

Cobblestone Socks in Nomadic Yarns, Dobby is a Free Elf & Gravel Socks in Knit Picks Felici, Sprinkles

Cobblestone Socks in Nomadic Yarns, Dobby is a Free Elf & Gravel Socks in Knit Picks Felici, Sprinkles

It's not just sweater knitting I'm hiding from. There is writing to be done and cleaning to do. Our dishwasher is broken (again). The apartment office is replacing it, which is awesome, but in the meantime I have to wash by hand not only the dishes we use moving forward but also the full load that was in the dishwasher when I realized it was broken. And did I mention my mother-in-law is coming to stay with us at the end of the week? Eeep!

Rose City Rollers Littles in Junkyarn Regal BFL, Molly

So tell me, do you procrastiknit? Or am I really just that crazy. Actually, don't answer that last part. I'm not sure my fragile mental state can handle it.

Love Your Junk...

Yarn, that is.

I hope you all had a fun weekend. We had a busy one -- that we managed to cram into one Saturday morning. First we headed up the highway to a giant yard sale where we scored big on clothes and supplies for Pasha. Then we came back down to our end of the world to see Junkyarn at the Sola Pop-up Market.

If you are not familiar with Junkyarn, all of her colorways are inspired by badass ladies. I was lucky enough to score some in a few of her early updates. I have a skein of Rey and one of Leia, but when she announced the pop-up I was still hoarding them. So when we decided to check it out I just had to cast on, and oh am I glad I did. I love this yarn. Which is awesome because I have access but less awesome because I need more, More, MOAR!

Sockhead Slouch Hat in Junkyarn Smooth Sock, Leia

Sockhead Slouch Hat in Junkyarn Smooth Sock, Leia

The pop-up itself was a lot of fun. Kemper did a wonderful job with her booth and everyone was really nice despite how unbelievably hot it was. I spent a long time deliberating on what to get before settling on a skein of Molly (as in Molly Weasley) to make matching mom and baby socks for Pasha and me. Luckily I was also shopping for other friends, which gave me all the joy of buying more yarn without breaking the bank.

And of course, I could not contain my excitement. As soon as we got home I wound up my skein and cast on Pasha's first sock. Procrastiknitting at its finest.

Rose City Rollers Littles in Junkyarn Regal BFL, Molly

Rose City Rollers Littles in Junkyarn Regal BFL, Molly

Don't tell Chris, but I'm already making plans to go to the next pop-up sometime in October. Do you need me to shop for you?


Sweater Weather

It's officially Autumn!

And even though it feels more like summer here, I am dreaming of snuggly sweaters, boots, and a never ending stream of steaming hot coffees. Ok maybe that last one is because someone has decided 3 AM is playtime and is skipping his morning nap today, but the other two are distinctly autumnal.

I've always loved Fall the best, even before I became a knitter. I love curling up with a book in the early dark on my parents' front porch, the return of network tv shows, and the impending arrival of my birthday month (October, for those of you keeping track). This year it is even more special because I get to share the season with Pasha. I can't wait to introduce him to changing leaves, see him see his own breath for the first time, and bundle him in adorable sweaters.

Speaking of sweaters, in a dramatic turn of events I have actually convinced my hoodie-loving husband to let me knit for him. It actually did not take much more than "Wouldn't it be cool if I knit sweaters for us to wear for our first family pictures?" I was originally going to knit him a Flax out of Quince and Co Lark, but then Warm N Fuzzy received a shipment of Chickadee from the String Theory hand dye collection.

I bought five skeins of this deep grey/blue which is a perfect color for him and the sport weight will make it way more wearable. Of course there are not really any sport weight men's sweater patterns, so I decided to modify a fingering weight pattern. Again we decided on Flax Light when the new Brooklyn Tweed collection launched. Chris became immediately attached to Brighton, which is how I wound up modifying a cabled fingering weight sweater, knit in pieces, for my husband's first sweater.

This can only end well, right?

A Fairy in Her Pocket

There's a scene in Gilmore Girls

where Lorelei walks into Rory's dorm telling her how much she's enjoying the new "youth oriented catalogs" she is receiving because Rory is a college student. Then she gives her a rug. Which is not the point here. The point is I've thought of this moment a lot lately because there is something to be said for enjoying new stages in your child's life and possibly the accompanying shopping you get to do.

Saturday Pasha and I went to his first birthday party. One of my friends' daughter, who is part of our unofficial play group, turned two. Pasha was invited and since he's only four months old, I was invited too. I've known her mother for several years so I wanted to give her something personal. Plus, this was technically a gift from Pasha which brought out a little of the possessive side in me. If it comes from my kid it needs to be a quality gift I guess.

Anyway, there is this series of children's board books called BabyLit, which take classical literature and use them as a teaching tool for basic concepts. We have Wuthering Heights, the weather primer, and for the gift we bought A Midsummer's Night Dream, which focuses on the fairies.

To go with the book I knit the Leaf Sprite by Susan B Anderson from the first issue of Making. I love this magazine, but ironically this was one of the patterns I never thought I would make. I never knit toys before, but these were so sweet and I already had the yarn that it just had to happen. The pattern calls for Quince and Co Chickadee, but I subbed in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport because that's what I had leftovers of. It was a very easy knit. I knit the leaf between doing other things over the weekend and the fairy took me just two episodes of Very  British Problems on Netflix.

Overall the gift was received very well. It seems fairies are a bit of a thing for this child right now, so her mother was quite pleased. I may have set a bit of a bad precedent for myself because now I will probably have to be just as creative for everyone else's kid. Whoops! Maybe I'll give the next one a rug.

Four Month Flax

How is it possible that this little dude is already four months old?

This means we're a third of the way through his first year! I don't know if I can bear it! I would say that thing about wishing we could freeze time or slow things down, but he's teething right now so . . . time can keep passing.

This month Pasha is wearing his Flax Light knit out of Fable Fibers Novel in Carolina Beach in the 3-6 month size. I wrote all about it when I was knitting it, but suffice to say it is a meaningful sweater. That I didn't think he would be able to wear because did I mention that this kid is growing like the proverbial weed?

Luckily wool has stretch and drape and mommy didn't knit a gauge swatch so I think it came out a little bigger. Now I just need it to still fit when we go to the beach next month so we can take photos with his sweater and my shall. And then we'll both die of heat stroke because IT WILL NEVER BE FALL.

Oh and someone started rolling this month. It might be time to try to take these pictures while he is asleep.